[LINK] NBN Long Term Satellite restrictions

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Tue Oct 27 10:19:41 AEDT 2015

On 23/10/2015 10:50 PM, JanW wrote:
> Hard to understand what everyone is doing with all that use ...
 From an off-list response:
"Work by the Department of Communications suggests that a typical 
distance education student will download 15 to 20 gigabytes (GB) of data 
in a month."

On 26/10/2015 12:49 AM, Paul Brooks wrote:
> It might not necessarily be video. ...
 From off-list response:
>  one parent has told me that their child's studies use 5 to 15 hours of video conferencing a week.
And, of course, much course content is video.

Work is in hand for a dedicated port on the satellite modem for things 
like education and health. That won't relieve the load on the satellite 

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