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Sure, and we don't live in a totalitarian country, but it's an animating
narrative du jour.  I don't like a lot of our government, but then, they
were freely elected by some very foolish people.

There's a world of difference between totalitarianism and a shared health
record.  A shared health record is a very good idea in terms of medical
practice, medical science, and economics.  We can't guarantee that it won't
be misused - if fact, you can more-or-less that somewhere at some time it
will be, but I'd want to weigh up damage against the benefits.  Everything
has risks, so ask for good evidence-based risk management.  Demanding zero
risk is well, kinda narcissistic.  Woody did buy the watch, didn't he?


On Mon, 23 Jul 2018 at 17:54, Rick Welykochy <rick at vitendo.ca> wrote:

> Orwell (Blair) was writing about 1948, but titled his book 1984 to avoid
> persecution.
> What he wrote about had already come to pass. If the past is fake news,
> then the writers
> of history have won some sort of war.
> "Fake news" was a mere speck of what Orwell was railing against. Think
> Newspeak,
> the related double speak, mind control, revisionism, totalitarianism,
> mental and physical
> enslavement, that sort of thing and I think you'll see a broader picture
> of Eastern Europe
> at the time.
> Jim Birch wrote:
> > The one thing that that George Orwell was absolutely correct about is
> that
> > there was a year called 1984.  The rest turned out, ironically, to be
> > exactly the kind of fake news he was railing against.
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