[LINK] NBN upgrade questions

Hamish Moffatt hamish at moffatt.email
Tue Oct 9 20:15:42 AEDT 2018

On 09/10/18 20:08, David wrote:
> On 9/10/2018 7:04 PM, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>> No. I meant that NBN never provides a router. The customer must 
>> supply one or buy one from their RSP.
> My understanding is that NBNCo. never provide a router but do provide 
> a media convertor (for FTTC-Ethernet, as discussed, or HFC-Ethernet).  
> But do some ISPs provide a router with an HFC port which can be 
> plugged directly into the cable from the street without the 
> intermediate media-conversion box, notably Telstra & Optus, who run 
> the HFC networks? 

Telstra and Optus always used to provide a combined cable modem / router 
/ wifi access point. Lots of different brands over the years, Netgear, 
Cisco, Motorola etc.

Telstra at least no longer does though - they provide a "cable adaptor" 
(which is the same as the HFC NTD for NBN), and a separate "cable 
gateway" which is the router/access point. Have a look at:

I guess the advantage of this is they can use the same gateway device 
for NBN connections of any type, so they only have to have one device to 
stock and support. It's a mess of devices and cables for the user though.

A lot of the NBN resellers are selling routers with both VDSL2 and 
ethernet uplinks, so they can be used for any NBN connection. For 
example Aussie Broadband supplies a Netcomm:


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