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On 26/4/19 11:14 am, David wrote:

> ... recommendations Linkers may have regarding VoIP and internet services. ...

I suggest looking in https://whirlpool.net.au/

> ... trial a VoIP provider ...

When I got FTTC, I signed up for the optional land-line phone service, 
and also tried VoIP. The ISP's phone worked fine, the VoIP was fiddly, 
and unreliable.

But the only calls I got on the "home" phone were from telemarketers. So 
I canceled the service, and used my mobile. I have not missed having a 
home phone in the subsequent seventeen years.

If I needed a home phone, I would get a "fixed wireless desk phone". 
These look like a wired phone, but have the electronics of a mobile 
inside, and use a SIM card. 

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