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David dlochrin at key.net.au
Sat Apr 27 10:41:21 AEST 2019

On Saturday, 27 April 2019 08:54:15 AEST Tom Worthington wrote:

> When I got FTTC, I signed up for the optional land-line phone service, and also tried VoIP. The ISP's phone worked fine, the VoIP was fiddly, and unreliable.

Was the ISP's phone a POTS service, and did they supply a pre-configured VoIP box of some sort?

I've used VoIP since 2006, initially with Engin until December 2011 and only for outgoing (i.e. chargeable!) calls, but experienced significant echo problems.  The service since then with my current ISP has been almost up to a POTS standard of reliability and audio quality, however companies like Aussie Broadband offer very good VoIP rates - e.g. unlimited local, national, and mobile calls for $20 per month _providing_ it's bundled with internet access.

VoIP also has the advantage it can be connected to the house phone-cabling so one doesn't have to cart around a mobile or make sudden dashes up & down the stairs when it rings.  And most mobile audio sounds to me like Donald Duck, but maybe the "fixed wireless desk phone" is better!

David L.

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