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Sat Oct 30 18:56:02 EST 2004

>The copyright notice has been essentially the same for a very  long
>time (certainly more than 10 years). If you are using it for  your
>private mathematical research except for the purposes  forbidden
>here, and you aren't making money by selling it, go right  ahead.
>>  -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>  nauty  is subject to the following usage restrictions:
>>  Copyright (1994-2004) Brendan  McKay. All rights reserved. Educational  
>> organizations may use this product for  purposes of  research. All other 
use requires 
>> the permission of the  author. Use  for weapons development or other 
>>  military purpose is expressly  forbidden.
OK, thanks. 
My post was also meant as a suggestion to change that  usage
restrictions remark. You can't really mean/want what was written there  ?!
Maybe under "educational organizations" you want to include
students or  other non-(directly)-commercial research ?!
Else IMO you should really make  it more clear IMO, since none of
the users met here or otherwhere in internet  qualify as
educational institution - yet you didn't critisize them using  Nauty.
Also, when students leave schools/universities, they will  have
apply for a license or discontinue using Nauty ?
Can you tell how  many permissions you have launched already ?
Not that I had some specific application in mind, but 
"Weapons  developement or other primarily military purposes" is also
What  about strategic studies, inproving security of buildings,ships,
airplanes  against terrorism etc. ?
And any positive economic effect leads most likely  to an increase
in military budget as well - you just can't separate these  things.
Maybe you mean: ".. which increases the expectation value of
damage due  to military action "  or such.
Most people will (future tense) probably just use nauty to solve
puzzles  in magazines or webpages. But it seems that you don't want to
encourage this,  right ?
Else you would probably provide executables, change
those usage  restrictions, make it more userfriendly
for the less qualified users who know  little about graphs
and can't compile programs. (the vast majority).

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